Switzerland Government UNIL Master’s Grants for Foreign Students

Level/Field(s) of study:

All Master’s programme from among those offered by the UNIL, except the following

  • •  Master from the School of Medicine
  • •  Master of Education
  • •  Master of Law from the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne
  • •  Master of criminal Law, magistracy specialism
  • •  All MASs (PhD programmes)


Note: For the Master of Law, only two specializations – “international and comparative law” and “legal theory” are open to applications for Masters scholarships.


Target group:

International students


University of Lausanne
Masters Degree


Deadline: 1 Nov 2019 (annual)
Study in: Switzerland
Course starts September 2020

Brief description:

The University of Lausanne in Switzerland offers the UNIL Master’s Grants on a competitive basis to international students who wish to pursue a Masters Degree at the University.


Host Institution(s):

University of Lausanne, Switzerland


Number of Scholarships:

Around 150


Scholarship value/duration:

The scholarship is granted for the minimum statutory period of the programme chosen by the student. It amounts to CHF 1,600 per month from 15 September to 15 July (or 10 months a year) for the complete duration of the masters (one and a half years or two years depending on the chosen masters), with the exception of cases of definitive failure after the first year.

Students offered a scholarship will be exempt from the fixed registration fees for the courses, with the exception of the CHF 80.00 fees to be paid each semester.



  • •  To have obtained a foreign university degree considered equivalent to a bachelor at UNIL before the beginning of the masters programme at UNIL.
  • •  To have distinguished yourself during your studies, especially through particularly brilliant academic results.
  • •  To have a language level of at least B2 (according to the European Language Portfolio global scale) in French or English according to the language in which your chosen masters is taught.
  • •  Not to have been registered with UNIL in the past.
  • •  To have paid the CHF 200.00 administration fee (see document, “list of documents to attach to your application”).


Application instructions:

You must not make an application for admission to the masters degree via the Admissions Department (SII). Candidates must send their completed application (refer to the document, “list of documents to attach to your application”), unbound, by post.


The deadline for applications is 1 November to begin a masters degree during the following academic year, in the autumn semester or the spring semester if the programme allows. The postmark will attest to the date sent.


It is important to read the UNIL Master’s Grants FAQs and visit the official website to access the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

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Fully Sponsored United States of America Embassy Scholarship Award for International Students to study in USA 2019.

his application opens for US Embassy Awards Scholarships 2019. There are two classes of Award: US Embassy Awards Scholarships, to perceive higher degree considers in Joined States at Masters level. In like way, US Embassy Awards Short Courses, to see truly, oversaw orchestrated instructional classes, in the United States and furthermore in Africa, in a segment of development centered parts.

About the Award: United States Embassy Awards, a foundation of the US Government’s move help program for Africa, offer access to postgraduate heading, building and skilled change open passages for fittingly qualified Africans from qualified nations. On their section to the working environment, US Embassy Awards Alumni are relied upon to contribute attainable to progress in their nations of cause.

Offered reliably? Inspiration driving truth

To be taken at:

United States Universities.

Need Fields:

Making/Food Security

Sorting out


Open Policy (checking an open zone association, open part change, exchange, all in all insightful)

Standard Management

Conventional Resource Management (checking mining-related subjects)

Express and Vocational Education and Training (open for Short Courses metaphorically)Basic (checking Natural Gas and Oil Technology)Foundation

Conventional Resource Management

Transport (checking Ports, Roads and Airports Management)

Inspiration driving covering: Varies by nation (see interface underneath for express nation limit criteria)

You should be not less than 25 years  and not over 50 years old at the date of your application.

You should have no under three (3) years’ related post graduate work duty. This work understanding must be in an area fitting to your proposed field of study and to your work intrigue make(e.g. open zone contenders should show open piece work association, etc). Tendency will be given to contenders with effectively focal conditions of obligation.

You have, as a base, a Bachelors affirmation (or the looking) a sensible Institution of at scarcest 4 years long with no not as much as an underneath regular Class Pass.

Managers Degree Scholarships:

Apply for Scholarship

Understudy Scholarship Application Public division contenders must consent to Government of Nigeria bearing for government agents wishing to apply for stipends.

General society zone, private division and standard society contenders must give check of perfection of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) when they apply.

Completely Sponsored Australian Government Scholarships for International and African Students In Australia, 2019

Australia Awards, a foundation of the Australian Government’s change help program for Africa, offering access to affect learning and skilled headway open doors for qualified African nations. On their portion to the working environment, Australian Government has given this suit African understudies, knowing the course that there are different picked and fit, low-wage understudies the world over, who on an extremely fundamental level require cash related resources and access to information to better their enlightening future. For a few years now, Australian Government should see informatively qualified and on a basic level stimulated, low-wage understudies the world over to join the status in Australia.

Australian Government will work enthusiastically through their operators with understudies routinely held social occasions and courses to help them all through the application structure to get request and acclamations to take off to schools in Australia. The expense for the application strategy is kept up, including confirmation costs for required systematized evaluations and gives free assistance to the Australia Education.

Application Deadline:


Course Type:

Scholarships are open to look for after (Undergraduate, MBA, and Postgraduate) program.

Think Subject:

Scholarships are allowed in the field of study offered by the attracting schools.

Tendency will be given to the most qualified sure whose outline joins Africa.

Award can be taken in:


Permit Benefits:

1. The University Composition Fee at the fitting rate of the study

2. A help compensate for a lone understudy (14,900 AUD for a year at the 2018 rate; prepared rata for courses shorter than a year)

3. One economy single airfare at both the begin and end of the course

4. Inbound visa costs and the expense of the Immigration Health Surcharge

5. Quick change financing – from 500 AUD to 2,000 AUD, subject to the length of your course, to go to social affairs and courses.

6. Family review – up to 10,120 AUD for a first tyke and up to 4,320 AUD for an ensuing youth. No financing is obliged an extra


All application should be submitted online before the application deadline.

Fully Sponsored Donald Trump USA Awards Scholarship for International and African Students to study in United States

The President of the United States Donald Trump, yesterday sustained the US Embassy Scholarship for International understudies, knowing the path that there are specific picked and talented, low-pay understudies the world over, who all around require cash related resources and access to information to better their illuminating future. For quite a while now, the United States Embassy, USA should need to see accommodatingly qualified and in a general sense vivacious, low-pay understudies the world over to join the Education in USA.

The US Embassy will work vivaciously through their overseers with understudies constantly spared get-together and classes to help them all through the application structure to get solicitation and gifts to go to schools and universities in the United States. The expense for application technique is strengthened, including determination charges for required dealt with evaluations and gives free help to the U.S. Getting ready.

Application Deadline:

Not Specified

Course Type:

Scholarships are available to scan for after (Undergraduate, MBA and Postgraduate) program.

Concentrate Subject:

Scholarships are conceded in the field of study offered by the engaging schools. Tendency will be given to the most qualified contender whose review joins Africa.

Give can be taken in the:


Number of Scholarship:

Not picked

Give Benefits:

1. The University Composition Fee at the fitting rate of the study

2. An upkeep stipend for a single understudy ($14,900 for a year at the 2018 rate; adroit rata for courses shorter than a year)

3. One economy single airfare at both the begin and end of the course of the study

4. Inbound visa costs and the expense of the Immigration Health Surcharge

5. Instructive change supporting – from $500 to $2,000, subject to the length of your course, to go to get-together and courses.

6. Family stipend – up to $10,120 for a first youth and up to $4,320 for a resulting juvenile. No financing is obliged an ornamentation


All application should be submitted online before the application deadline

University of Western Australia International Achievement Scholarship Fully-funded Australian Scholarship

The University of Western Australia is offering a scholarship to the high achieving international students to commence and pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification at the University.

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage and assist eligible high-achieving international students to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification at the University. Students need to demonstrate that they have a good level of written and spoken English.

Scholarship Description:

• Application Deadline: December 31, 2019
• Course Level: Scholarship is available to pursue undergraduate & postgraduate degree program.
• Study Subject: Scholarship is available to study in the fields of Commerce, Computer Science, and Engineering.
• Scholarship Award: The value of the scholarship is specified in the schedules of these conditions.
 Number of Scholarships: Not known.
• Nationality: Scholarship is available for the citizens of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
• Scholarship can be taken in Australia

University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS), Australia

The University of Sydney invites candidates who are eligible to undertake a Postgraduate Research Degree or Master’s by Research program at this University to apply for the University of Sydney International Research Scholarship (USydIS).

The objective of the USydIS is to attract top quality international postgraduate students to undertake research projects which will enhance the University’s research activities. The USydIS is open to all research disciplines; however participation in the USydIS program Research Period 2 and Research Period 3 are at the discretion of the Dean of each faculty. These Scholarships will be awarded in conjunction with the International RTP Fee Scholarship (formerly IPRS) for commencement in Research Period 2 (March), and in early April for commencement in Research Period 3 (July). The USydIS will cover tuition fees and living allowance for up to three years with a possibility of one semester’s extension for PhD students. The eligibility criteria for USydIS is the same as the RTP Fee Scholarship.

The USydIS is available to students commencing in both the March (Research Period 2) and July (Research Period 3). We welcome scholarship applications through out the year. Please note that it may take up to four months from submission of your application to receiving advice on whether you have been successful. There is no separate scholarship application form, to be considered for the scholarship you must submit an application for admission to your research degree.

Australian National University Fully-funded Scholarships For International Students (Full List)

Externally administered

Application deadline
Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust » $3000 – $5000 4 year(s) 31 Oct 2018
C.A.S Hawker Scholarship » Up to $60,000 over three years 4 Jan 2019
Charlie Bell Scholarship for Future Leaders 2019 » $15,000 per annum 1 year(s) 19 Oct 2018
Data61 PhD Scholarships » $27,536 per annum 2019 PhD Scholarship estimated Value
Data61 Top-Up Scholarship » $10,000 per annum
Endeavour Scholarships & Fellowships » $69,500 per annum 2 year(s)
Fulbright Scholarships » Scholarship amounts vary according to the length and type of scholarship, but a typical post-graduate scholarship is valued at $40,000.
Health Workforce Scholarship Program » Up to $10,000 per year for up to two years 22 Dec 2017
Real Futures Grant  » $5,000 31 Oct 2018
Rural & Regional Enterprise Scholarships » $4,500 per annum 4 year(s) 14 Dec 2018
Savvy Fintech Scholarship 2019-2020 » $5,000 per annum 1 year(s) 30 Jun 2019
The Bendigo & Adelaide Bank 2019 Scholarship » $5,000 per annum Option to renew scholarship for second year may be considered, subject to academic performance 1 year(s) 29 Jan 2019
The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Indigenous Scholarship » One off payment of $5,000 14 Dec 2018

Australian Catholic University International Student Scholarships

Scholarships aren’t just for academically gifted students or those struggling financially – passion and dedication for your studies will take you most of the way. Find a scholarship to suit your needs, learn how to apply and hear from past recipients.

Every year we award hundreds of scholarships to future and current ACU students. But some scholarships remain unawarded. Could you be eligible for one and not know it?
Open to current and future ACU students, our scholarships cater for every student type, including:

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • International
  • Research

Use the scholarship finder to see which scholarships you might be eligible for, then read our tips on how to apply online. It’s easy to do and you might be surprised by the results.

Fully-funded University of Stirling Masters Dorothy Nicol UK Masters Scholarships


The Dorothy Nicol Scholarship caters for the successful candidate with a tuition fee of £15,950 at University of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom. Only study of Masters in management programmes in the UK school are allowed while.


  1. Applicants must be from Sub-Saharan Africa and hold an offer (conditional or unconditional) of a place on any of the full-time Masters programmes offered by the Management School for entry in September 2019.
  2. Applicants must have three years working experience


3rd April 2019