Synagogue Church Of All Nations Lagos: Do you need a miracle? A miracle is when God intercepts the natural progression of a situation and turns it completely around for victory and so that he may be glorified. Here we have seen God answer people’s prayers and make his power available to those who believe.

Jesus said: “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” So let us stand with you in agreement and see you receive your miracle!

Submit your prayer request here and our committed prayer team will pray for you.

Example of prayers you can submit:

  • Prayer for my family
  • Prayer for a friend
  • Prayer for VISA or ESTA
  • Prayer for fruit of the womb
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Prayer for the dead
  • Prayer for wisdom
  • Unity Prayer
  • Prayer for success
  • Prayer to God for help


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  1. Marital settlement in my life and in my family,all round friutfullness,joy and longlife and divine connection.

  2. Am really in need of financial support to take care of my little siblings and also pay there school fees and start up a business

  3. I need financial brake through, I also want GOD to help me to celebrate my next year 2019 birthday march 18th in Sydney Australia.. Thank you GOD

  4. total healings upon my life, favour, financial breakthrough, marital settlement, divine helper, open door for my family Amen

  5. I am Christian Onyeka Nwachukwu, I really need prayer backup against house hold enemies and a general prayer to liberate my family from unforeseen circumstances in Jesus mighty name,amen

  6. I need God whom i trust & believe in Jesus name…. To rearange my destiny & revive my Lost Glory in Jesus name, Amen

  7. My prayer request is thst I be appointed a Judge of the High Court snd thatbzI enjoy maritsl bliss

  8. man of God please i need help financially to start business and be successful in life….so i can take able to take care of my mum and children

  9. I pray for my family and for siblings that God should protect then and give then money to train their younger once , I also pray for my admission to successful and God should give me knowledge and understanding to know what they teach me. God should also bless my friends and also forgive me for the sin I have committed against him and against my friend I plead for mercy

  10. Papa i need financial break through I want god to make me the pillar of my family have been working for months now and know break through my family are suffering papa pray for me for financial break through

  11. Pastor I submitted my prayer request on that website.. Pastor I have no job from past 10 months onwards. I started one small business, but all loss pastor. Again I tried to join job in company, and I attended many interviews pastor but I couldn’t get it Job pastor. I am was very sad pastor. My mind is afflicted by mental pastor. My wife and child also in her house pastor. Due to job issues. I need God’s help pastor. I asked humble and request to ask you pastor kindly please please pray for me and my health pastor. I have seen many supernatural videos of yours in youtube pastor. That’s why I took number and joined in fb also pastor. I believe in Jesus pastor. If you will pray. God will deliver me and destroy all evil spirit. Kindly and humble and ask to you pastor please pray for me pastor.

  12. Miracle twin boys, long life for me and my family, good health for me and my family, healing, restoration of my business, protection over me and my family, rain of blessings, twin boys, peace

  13. I need a financial break through in my life and family,I need success in my exams and a marital breakthrough because I want to settle down maritally

  14. Miracle twin boys, long life for me and my family, good health for me and my family, healing, protection over me and my family, restoration of my business, financial breakthrough, rain of blessings, twin boys, peace

  15. Destroying and deliverance from every demonic altars in my family, divine restoration, marital settlement and blessings at the appointed time,wisdom, knowledge and understanding, good jobs, and breakthroughs in Jesus name Amen.


  17. i need the favour of God in all my ways, i want God mercy, goodness, .i want God to choose for me , between this three names (1)samuel (2) idowu (3)Bright.i rebuke the spirit of promise and fail in my life

  18. Miracle twin boys, long life for me and my family, good health for me and my family, protection over me and my family, twin boys, healing, financial breakthrough, restoration of my business, ràin of blessings, peace

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