charitable donation is a gift made by an individual or an organization to a nonprofit organization, charity or private foundation. Charitable donations are commonly in the form of cash, but they can also take the form of real estate, motor vehicles, appreciated securities, clothing and other assets or services.

Things you can donate

  • Toilet paper.
  • Small bottles of bath essentials. Bathroom products such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant are toiletries many of us take for granted. …
  • Dental hygiene essentials. Smile, it’s Toothy Tuesday! …
  • First-aid items. …
  • Pads and tampons. …
  • Diapers. …
  • Underwear and socks. …
  • Spices.
  • Money
  • Old phones

Australian Charities

List of Australian charities:

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