Learn, what does the stomach fall on the body by sleeping?

Many of us often fall into empty stomach at night due to either fatigue or at night due to weight loss. If you do that too, be careful, sometimes it happens, but do not make it habit. What is the impact on your body on the empty island.

Due to lack of food in the night, there is a shortage of nutrients in the body, especially in the micronutrient dysfunction. Dietetics Manjari Chandra explains that our body needs micro nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B13 and vitamin D3. If a person gets habit of not eating in the night, then he may be victim of malnutrition.

If you often skip dinner or the rules of eating are not right, then your metabolism may have a bad effect. This can insulate your insulin level. In addition, cholesterol and thyroid levels may also get confused. If you are not eating the right food, at the right time, your hormones are affected, which can lead to many types of diseases.

By sleeping without eating anything, you can change the grooves until morning. With empty stomach you become mentally alert and do not get deep sleep.

Many people think of losing weight that eating dinner will not work, but the reality is that it is inverted. It is true that one should eat lightly in the night, but it is not ok to skip the food completely. This will increase your weight. The body reaches in such a mode in which you start to store fat. The body starts collecting energy so that the weight starts to grow. The best way to lose weight is to eat it properly.

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