After drinking the habit of drinking tea, right or wrong?

After drinking the habit of drinking tea, right or wrong?
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Do you have a habit of drinking tea after eating? If you have then you should also have information about it. Drinking hot tea in the morning is an integral part of our lifestyle. Some people get used to drinking tea after eating or after eating. Drinking tea with food has always been a controversial topic. Where some research says that drinking tea is right for the digestive system, according to some research caffeine, the substances found in tea, inhibit the absorption of our nutrients. Let’s see how this affects our health.

Tea effect on the digestive system
Some research has shown that by drinking tea after or during the meal, it helps to remove the gas made in the stomach, so that our digestive system is correct. But always keep in mind that not all types of tea are beneficial in these cases.

Greens such as green tea, herbal tea, which have very high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, are very beneficial for our digestion system.

Tea acts as an assistant to our digestive system to make salvia, bile and gastric juice. Because they contain high amounts of antioxidants, they work like powerful antimonflammatory, which reduces many loopholes related to our digestion.

The green tea and herbal tea contain polyphenolic compounds called catechins that increase the functional capacity of our digestive juices.

Benefits and disadvantages of drinking tea after eating
Some research has found that the phenolic compounds found in tea, which constitute the iron complex in the internal layers of our stomach intestines, obstruct the absorption of iron.

It is said that if you want to drink tea with the food, then include the rich items of Iron and Vitamin C in your diet, which will reduce the effects of iron absorption.

People suffering from iron deficiency should not take tea with food. It has also been found that drinking tea during eating reduces catechin in the body.

Catkin is a compound found in tea, which is an important role in many of our psychological functions.

So if you want to drink tea with or after dinner then you can choose from Green Tea or Ginger Tea because it is helpful in your digestion.

Those who suffer from iron deficiency, do not drink tea during dinner or consult a doctor.

Most people in India are passionate about drinking tea after eating. If you do this then you need to be careful.

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